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Remington Moving & Storage satellite sales office in Newport Beach allows us to connect directly with the OC community and all of its needs.

When you come to the time that you must move from one apartment to a bigger one or even a new home, your life may possibly become very stressful. There are countless things you might want to think about. Did you gather an adequate amount of boxes? Will anything dent? Did you forget something?

Will a large truck be free when it is needed? These are probably some of the factors that are in your mind. There are many things to reason when relocating. Instead of thinking about all of it, why not just find a qualified mover?


Right here at Remington Movers, we have everything you might request or require for moving. Our services are aimed to make your move as painless and rapid as possible. There is no cause to draw out the length of your move. Let our staff help and get it done for you very fast Our certified movers are all set to help with all the things you may need, whether you want a truck driver or you want us to pack all of your things. In spite of what your require, our technicians are standing by to be of assistance.

You might be curious what several of these actually suggest. Well, not only do we give you the top rates on packing things and moving automobiles, but we also always come prepared. All of our employees arrive with maps of where they are going and instructions on how to move different forms of belongings when there are barriers to cross. Because of these things, you will not have to agonize about any of your furnishings getting smashed while being transported to and from the moving truck. If you really need it, we also give packing help which means our staff will come to your residence and help you bundle all of your goods. We also make sure that every single one of your boxes are tagged and packed with comparable things. This makes it painless to unload because you will already know what’s in the box.

A lot of companies today will charge you rates for a full day or 1/2 a day even if yours will not really take this long. At Remington Movers, our prices depend on the things you want. If you request help moving and packing help to your brand new place, we’ll price you for the amount of articles being moved and packed. It does not matter how long it takes, you’ll be charged for what you need us to do.

If you have questions or are in need of our help, when you can please feel free to write to our service staff members. They are close by to help out with each of your needs.


A local move is a move that takes place within a 100-mile radius and stays within the state of origin. Many factors determine the cost of a local move. Luckily, many of those factors are within your control. For example, how ready will you be when the movers arrive? Are all of your belongings packed in boxes? Can the truck park close to your home, apartment or business? Are there any hard to move items? Exactly how much packing, unpacking and furniture placement would you like the movers to do for you?

The more information you provide your mover prior to your move date, the better your chances of having a smooth move within your budget. We are the top full-service Orange County Movers in California. You can walk out the door, leave your breakfast dishes and utensils on the table and we can take it from there. Or you can have all your belongings packed in boxes and stacked by your front door and we can simply load them on the truck for you and unload them in your new home. Based on all the above information, we can determine the exacty number of professional movers necessary to get the job done just the way you want it.

Remington Moving proud to be considered among the very top Orange County Movers. California movers are not all alike and we are committed to a high level of excellence that we think sets us apart from other California movers.

The cost for local Orange County moves is based on the number of movers, the time it takes to move your belongings and the drive time between your old and new residence. For a more information, please fill out our on-line estimate or call one of our professional moving experts.


Remington Movers are the leading Orange County movers, serving the cities and towns in OC and the surrounding areas with superior quality relocation and storage services. From household relocations and international moves to records storage services and office relocations, Remington Moving & Storage runs the gamut in types, size and scope of relocations we execute.

Want to learn more about our capabilities as Orange County movers? Contact us today to discuss your upcoming relocation needs. Get your move started right now by filling out our quick and easy online quote form. Request your FREE in-home estimate from Remington Moving & Storage, your Orange County moving company of choice.

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