Professional & Affordable San Diego Moving & Storage

Sales Office:

10606 Camino Ruiz, San Diego CA 92126

Remington San Diego Moving 10606 Camino Ruiz San Diego CA 92126
Remington Moving’s sales office in San Diego allows us to service the specific needs of the San Diego community.


9755 Distribution Avenue, San Diego CA 92121

Remington San Diego Storage 9755 Distribution Avenue San Diego CA 92121
Our state of the art storage facility is secure and is centrally located to the entire San Diego community.


If you’re looking for a positive San Diego moving experience, Remington Movers is the best way to go. We strive to provide you with a San Diego moving service that is affordable, reliable and stress-free

Our primary goal as a professional San Diego moving company is to make sure your household and commercial belongings are relocated efficiently and safely, minimizing your costs as well as your headaches. We understand moving can be difficult. We aim to reduce your stress, making your San Diego Moving experience even pleasurable!

Remington Movers is located in San Diego, among other locations, and will gladly provide local service to anyone within 100 miles, unless long distance service is requested. No matter how big or small the move might be, Remington Movers is happy to assist in your next San Diego move.


Any San Diego move that begins and ends within 100 miles of our home terminal is considered a local move. San Diego local moving rates are based on a per-hour charge, depending on the crew size and number of moving trucks that are brought out to your loading location. Our experienced, professional sales staff will determine the right crew and equipment to best suit your move.


Any San Diego move that begins or ends over 100 miles away from our home terminal is considered a long distance move. San Diego long distance moving rates are determined by weight and mileage as regulated by the CPUC. The load weight is determined by a physical inventory of the items requested to be moved, performed by one of our experienced representatives.


The Remington Movers team is fully trained and experienced in any type of commercial San Diego moving. Whether your office is 100sq/ft or 10,000sq/ft, we have done it. We know that commercial San Diego moving can be tricky, so we will come up with solutions to ensure your company can be up and running ASAP. Elevators, stairs, or a long carry are no problem. We have the crews and equipment to make any commercial San Diego move as smooth as possible.


Remington Movers provide professional help and expertise with all your on-site San Diego moving needs including loading/unloading. We will provide the tools, dollies, and plastic wrap included in a discounted hourly rate. We also provide basic liability coverage for the work that we complete for that day, protecting your items.

Professional Packing / Unpacking in San Diego

We know your time is limited, and you want your move to be completed as fast as possible. Remington Movers has solutions for all San Diego packing and unpacking needs. Most people we serve express their dislike in packing/unpacking, mostly because it seems overwhelming. As experienced packing professionals, we will make this undesirable task easy and as painless as possible. We are very meticulous when packing, making sure that each and every fragile piece is completely wrapped and packed properly. When unpacking, our movers will place items where ever you want, minimizing the post-move settling-in.

Affordable Storage in San Diego

Remington Movers offers affordable short/long term vaulted storage solutions to our valued customers. Our storage warehouse is located in a convenient central San Diego location, with 24 hr security. Each and every item placed in our secure 7’ X 5’ X 7.5’ wood San Diego storage vaults are fully inventoried for damages and item location. Unlike a messy self-storage unit, we can pinpoint the location of a specific item, and have it accessible to you.

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