General Junk Removal Services

We remove all unwanted junk from anywhere in your home or commercial job site: Foreclosure Clean-out, Trash Removal, Office Furniture Clean-out, Cubicles, desks, computers, Appliances, Monitors / TVs, Moving boxes, Trailers, Construction Removal, Stucco, wood, plastic, Swimming Pool, Spa, Green Waste, and more… Call today for a no obligation quote.



Most garbage companies won’t pick up yard waste because landfills won’t take it, nor should they. Organic waste shouldn’t be dumped into landfills because it can easily be recycled and used as fertilizer. When you need leaf removal, or any other kind of yard waste removal, call Remington Junk Removal.



Rubbish! It’s more than British slang. It’s junk that you need to get rid of, but how? When you’ve got rubbish removal needs, call Remington Rubbish Disposal. We’ll take almost anything we can fit in our truck. Plus, we’ll ensure your rubbish gets recycled whenever possible.



Your regular garbage removal service likely has a long list of items they won’t take. In fact, most won’t even consider electronics, furniture, or organic material. They usually don’t make a habit of hauling your junk out of your building for you, either.

That’s where Remington Garbage Removal comes in. We’re a full-service alternative to standard garbage removal companies – we do all the dirty work. As long as your junk’s not hazardous and we can lift it into our truck, consider it gone! We’ll even clean up the empty space after. Can you say that about your regular garbage removal service?



If you’re considering a dumpster rental for your junk removal needs, you might want to be aware of a few things. You’ll likely have to:

  • Pay for the dumpster rental
  • Pay for the weight of junk you put in the dumpster on top of the dumpster rental cost
  • Have to abide by restrictions on what you can put in the dumpster
  • Load your junk into the dumpster
  • Have an ugly dumpster sitting in front of your property until you’re done loading your junk

When you hire Remington for your junk removal, you’ll avoid all the inconveniences that come with a dumpster rental. Plus, we take junk the average trash dumpster rental company won’t, including appliances, scrap metal, electronics, and organic material. We also ensure that your junk gets recycled or reused whenever possible.

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