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Remington International Moving is an industry leader in international relocation, freight forwarding, and moving and storage services. Remington International Moving understands the amount of anxiety related to moving and we tailor each move to meet the unique needs of every customer. Every shipment whether by air, ground, or ocean is carefully planned, managed and tracked from door to door. Each step in the relocation process is managed by Remington International Movers, guaranteeing total control and providing comfort for the relocating family. It takes experts at both ends of the move to ensure that everything goes as planned. That’s why Remington International Moving experiences continued worldwide growth and continued customer satisfaction. To request an estimate please use our online form.

For international moving services to ensure your seamless transition overseas, look no farther than Remington International Movers. We are the international moving company who can efficiently move you anywhere in the world with the ease we move someone to a neighboring town. We understand that there’s much to anticipate and plan for when moving overseas. When you choose Remington as your international moving company, your focus can remain on your new adventure and not on the stressful aspects of an overseas relocation.



At Remington International Moving, our experience and quality are accessible to you, helping to make moving internationally as easy as possible.

At Remington International Movers, we are an international moving company who understands that you’re not just moving your belongings from one place to another. You’re moving to a new country with different customs and possibly a different language. Your life is changing before your very eyes. You have all new needs in terms of international moving services – from customs clearance to flexible storage options during your journey.

With everything you have to think about already, you shouldn’t have to worry about the actual move itself. Because Remington International moves more people worldwide than any other company, we’ve perfected the process. With one point of contact to guide you from sophisticated online tracking of your shipment, we have you covered, every step of the way.



What makes Remington different as an international moving company is our ability to recognize your specific needs for your move, and then customize your international moving services to reflect those needs. You need an international moving company with knowledge, experience and comprehensive resources to transport you globally. You need Remington International Movers.

Our international moving services begin with your personal move coordinator who will not only plan every detail of your move, but will also be your only point of contact throughout your journey. Your personal coordinator will oversee your move from start to finish, ensuring your satisfaction along the way.

Our skilled professionals will effectively pack up your entire residence and prepare your belongings for the rigorous journey overseas. We will only use the highest quality packing materials and supplies, and we inventory every piece of your shipment. You can make use of our online shipment tracking to monitor where your belongings are at all times during transit. You will receive shipment details regarding your vessel or flight number as part of our international moving services.

If you are not transporting all your belongings at once, you can utilize our many storage-in-transit options. Storage options are an ideal facet of our international moving services if you require a limited shipment size, if you are renting a home while overseas or if you are staying in a hotel before relocating permanently into a residence.



Our move coordinators can help guide customers through the maze of questions and concerns during the moving process, which includes: information on the destination country, shipping regulations, climate, schools and education and much more. All of this information can be sent to the transferring family prior to the move to help them get acclimated before the movers arrive.

Remington International Moving offers companies a wide range of international relocation service options. We work with you to help you to devise the right level of relocation support for your needs.

All our relocation services are available worldwide, including third country locations. We provide relocation services either delivered through Remington, or managed by Remington and delivered via our network of approved relocation service providers worldwide.

In every location, we work with those relocation service providers we consider to be best in class. Relocation service providers are measured against stated key performance indicators that are consistent with our own core values.

Contact Remington today to speak to one of our international relocation advisors.



A successful move to a foreign country requires careful planning. The planning process can begin up to three months prior to the move. Remington International Movers will assign an International Relocation Consultant, supported by the entire Remington International move management team, to be the customer’s primary point of contact throughout the entire move.

Our goal at Remington International Moving is to make the moving process as smooth as possible. With that in mind, we have developed a system that combines process with communication to deliver a successful move.

With an experienced and dedicated Remington International Relocation Consultant, each move delivers a consistent, quality-driven, hassle-free experience. Count on our team to take you home.

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