Moving a home or business is never easy and very stressful as well as time consuming. Remington’s Packing Unpacking Service can arrange and organize all aspects of your move. We take the stress of finding the right mover for your possessions, to the complete packing by professional and efficient packers to the unpacking of all the boxes at your new location (some conditions apply).


Don’t let your valuable belongings experience the pain and suffering of unwise packing. Take the proper steps to protect your household goods from damage during your relocation. Packing is one of the most important elements – and one of the most tedious – of a successful relocation. Whether you plan to pack on your own or use the packing service offered by your moving company, correct packing is crucial to the safe arrival of your goods.

If you decide to pack yourself, please keep in mind that you are moving the responsibility for damage from the moving company to yourself. With that in mind, you may wish to have your moving company pack the most delicate, sentimental, and valuable items or eliminate the stress altogether and employ your moving company’s full-service packing crew.

As one of California’s leading relocation companies, Remington has mastered every detail of proper packing. With a trained and certified packing crew, we will protect your belongings by using high-quality materials and proven methods.

When you select Remington packing services, you can count on:

  • Individual wrapping for each item
  • Cell pack containers to protect fragile items like glasses and stemware
  • Only new packing materials on every move (or, if you prefer, recycled packing materials, when available)
  • Custom crating built to match your large and extremely fragile item’s exact specifications and shipping tolerance (available for a nominal charge)
  • Exclusive Remington custom wrapping for fine-finish woods or upholstery items (available for a nominal charge)
  • Blanket padding to protect furniture from nicks and scratches during loading
  • Shrink-wrap for furniture as added in-transit protection


Your relocation is almost complete. The only thing that’s left is the unpacking. With unpacking services from your moving company, you can make your home livable much faster. Now that you’ve arrived at your new home, you’re ready to put your relocation adventure behind you. Unfortunately, you’re standing amidst a sea of boxes with a feeling there’s no end in sight. But guess what – there is. With unpacking services from your moving company, your dream of someone else unpacking your belongings has come true.

It may surprise you how inexpensive unpacking services are compared to the precious time you’ll need to settle into your new home. We offer partial or complete unpacking services.

At a surprisingly low cost, the Remington packing crew will unpack the boxes, placing the items on the nearest flat surface, and then remove the packing debris from your home. This partial unpacking service allows you the freedom to put things away at your leisure – and preference.

However, if you’d prefer, the Remington packing crew will unpack all items, remove the resulting debris, and place the items according to your direction (certain terms and conditions apply). This means the only finger you’ll need to lift is the one to point the crew in the right direction.

Of course, some people prefer to unpack everything themselves. And that’s entirely up to you. However, anything that was disassembled by the Remington moving crew prior to the relocation, such as a table, will be reassembled at your new home for no extra charge.

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