Whether you are moving, selling your current home or have just run out of space, Remington Moving & Storage is the best place to store your belongings.


Secure Affordable Private Storage Private Storage

Remington has been providing storage to Californians since 2003. Our goal is to provide our tenants with a clean, secure environment for their belongings. Our warehouse storage keeps things as simple as 123 – we pick up your things, store them, and bill you monthly. There is no need for you to bring your things to a storage facility, buy a lock and be bothered with maintaining your space. By working with Remington for your moving and storage needs, we do all the work FOR you. For more info please contact our Storage Department or call 800-123-4567 now to get storage prices.

Storage In Transit

If your new home isn’t ready for occupancy, or if no one is there to accept delivery, your household goods may be placed in storage in our warehouse at an additional charge until you’re ready to receive them. When shipments are delivered to a warehouse for storage-in-transit (SIT), we place your goods in secure storage containers to protect your items from loss or damage. Household items stay packed in their original moving cartons. For more info please contact our Storage Department or call 800-123-4567 now to get storage prices.


Remington Moving & Storage offers a variety of storage options to better suit your needs. Offering services such as photo storage, office space, business storage and much more, you will find that Private Mini Storage offers more than your basic storage options.

Warehouse Storage

Remington warehouse storage system combines the advantages and safety of mini-storage, with the full service and low rates of warehouse-storage. Warehouse storage is the best fit for customers who want a door-to-door moving service. Your goods are safe and our movers take care of supervising the storage process. The customers’ involvement is limited, moving out of their old location and moving into their new location when it’s ready.

Secured Storage System

Space: All items are placed in secured lots. Upon reduction in the amount of stored items, customers may change the size of their storage unit. This saves our customers money in otherwise unused storage space.

Inventory: Our personnel will take full inventory lists, indicating all the items and their condition.

Protection:While in-transit, customer’s goods are protected with the move protection option. Storage liability is applied to insure goods while in storage. Three liability options are available: weight based liability; cash value liability; and full replacement liability.

Convenient Service

  • Registration: All paperwork is done at the pick-up location. Customers do not have to personally come to the storage facility.
  • Access: Access to your storage goods can be arranged by appointment. The customer will be escorted to their lot by our professional storage personnel and assisted with any warehouse handling.
  • Moving Service: While in storage, partial or full delivery and/or adding items may be easily arranged over the phone. Our professional movers will do the work for you at the date and time of your choice.

Competitive Rates

Remington’s storage rates are highly competitive. We can give you a package price on both moving and storage.

Storage Insurance

We offer great insurance rates for your precious furniture while in storage through

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